How to screen and choose your nanny

Five steps to choosing the nanny you want

1. Pre-screen candidates using

  • Just Family filters
  • email conversation
  • resume

2. Telephone interview

  • Print and keep your nanny's job description by the phone.
  • Keep a notebook handy to jot down answers and any further questions. You're looking for a sense of the candidate's attitude and aptitude towards your family's childcare needs.
  • Verify their full name, address, home & mobile phone numbers. (You will already have an email address.)
  • Request names & contact details of any referees

Ask open-ended questions such as:

  • what do you like best about childcare in the home?
  • tell me of a great experience you've had with childcare
  • tell me of a bad experience you've had with childcare
  • when can you start?
  • how long can you commit? (if the position is ongoing)

3. Face-to-face interview

  • Set up a mutually suitable time.
  • Ask the candidate to bring their original certificates and driver's license, WWC (Working with Children Check) and first aid certificate, plus copies.
  • Plan the interview.

At the interview:
Remember: the candidate needs to be punctual and well presented.
Ask open-ended questions such as:

  • tell me about a time you looked after a child aged (insert your children's ages)
  • tell me about your typical day in childcare
  • in a typical day how do you organise your time?
  • describe some of the challenges you have had. How did you resolve these?
  • what do you like best about this job?
  • what do you like least?
  • outline the job as you set it and ask them how they would feel about it. Notice how they respond to these questions.

4. Decision

  • If, and only if, you have checked references, move on to discussing hours, remuneration, the position.
  • Make on offer
  • Ask if this is a job they would be comfortable accepting.

5. Build in weekly communication meetings and reviews